"Le Mans 24 Hours": your return, quicker and cheaper!


The next edition of the celebrated endurance race will take place on 14th and 15th June 2008. This year, Alis is offering the possibility to all spectators of the Le Mans 24 Hours Road Race to organise their return journey in the best of conditions.

We are proposing in effect to, as of today, buy in advance a motorway toll coupon for the A28 motorway section between Le Mans and the A13 motorway, south of Rouen. These coupons will be at the 2007 toll tariff; the increase in motorway toll tariffs that will come into effect as of 1st February 2008 does not apply to these pre-paid coupons. In addition, the coupon that you will receive by post will allow you to use the « t » lanes at the Roumois toll plaza (near Rouen) - usually reserved for sole use of vehicles with automatic toll tags - and in that manner save time. For more information on the details of this offer and to download the order form, click here.