Take a break, road safety reveals all!


Having become the major cause for accidents on the motorway, falling asleep at the wheel is a risk that faces all drivers, on short journeys, as well as on long. For this reason, the Road Safety Association and the motorway concession companies have joined forces in order to point out the risks to holiday motorists by organising an information campaign over the summer period. As it is essential that motorists regularly take a break (at least every two hours), Alis invites A28 Rouen - Alençon motorway users to take a relaxing and educational break on the Domaine d'Harcourt Rest Area (exit n°13, Brionne) on 5th July, 2nd and 16th August next between 10:30 am and 6:30 pm.

For your comfort and relaxation, deck chairs, parasols and massaging chairs shall be provided to visitors of the rest area. Alis and its partners (the insurance company Groupama, the Vernon Automobile Club, the Eure Department Prefecture, the Road Safety Association and the Gendarmerie Nationale) have prepared various free activities for visitors, centred on safety whilst at the wheel. Participants will be able to see first hand, the risks of careless driving by seeing "rolled" and "crashed" cars as well as experience the effect of drinking alcohol when wearing the "drink & drive" glasses and discovering their limits with alcohol and reaction time simulators. After having revised their knowledge of the essential rules for motorway driving, they will be able to play the game of the "car with the 13 anomalies". Younger visitors will be able to test their road knowledge by riding a Cycle Proficiency course and will try to find the correct answers to the "Road Safety quiz". Prizes (safety jackets, watches, board games, etc.) will reward the most perceptive among them.

In addition, motorists will be able to discover the "Pure Air Objective", an original operation designed to raise awareness concerning atmospheric pollution caused by road transport and to incite them to adopt a more "eco-responsible" behaviour when behind the wheel. Organised at the initiative of Alis - in partnership with Routalis, the motorway operating company and Poids Lourds Bernayens, a certified HGV breakdown organisation - this operation allows drivers to have a free ecological diagnostic of their vehicle that measures the level of exhaust emissions of their vehicle and the wear and pressure of the tyres. Also, the "Pure Air Objective" team shall propose an initiation in "eco-driving" and will give advice on how to drive more economically and to reduce pollution. Educational panels will present ways in how to adopt a more civic and responsible attitude when at the wheel.

Equally present during these events, members of the Gendarmerie Nationale motorway policing patrols will present, among other things, the "new generation" of speed check radars and cameras.