The Flames of Remembrance: a show unique in Normandy


Les Flammes du Souvenir : un spectacle unique en Normandie.

On 9th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th, 30th and 31st July next, at 10:30 pm, the "Flames of Remembrance" will be once again lit at the Fortière Manor at Epreville-en-Lieuvin in the Eure Department. In effect, due to the enthusiasm and commitment of the 250 volunteers of the "Vièvre Lieuvin Activities and Culture" Association, who spent more than 30 000 man-hours on their project, this major historical panorama will bring together for one theatrical adventure thirteen professional actors, sixty amateur actors and more than a hundred and thirty extras.

Acted and sung live, with the support of impressive lighting and other pyrotechnic effects, including the projection of short video clips and giant images on the walls of the Manor, the whole show is a real time machine retracing major and minor historical events of the ten districts of the West of Normandy. Presented this year with a new and tighter direction, the 2010 version of the show is now ready to be shown to the general public and to give you two hours of dreams, action and emotion.

Sponsor of this event, Alis is participating in a new chapter of the show which could attract, on the occasion of its 21st anniversary, more than 10 000 spectators and thus reinforces its commitment to the promotion of local cultural and tourist events.