French Motorcycle Grand Prix:
ALIS will host the "Relais Calmos"
inviting motorcyclists to take a
welcome safety and rest break.


On 14th & 15th May next, the French Motorcycle Grand Prix de France will attract more than 100 000 motorcycle enthusiasts to the Le Mans circuit. For the occasion, ALIS has teamed up with the Eure and Seine Maritme Departments Fédération Française des Motards en Colère (French Motorcyclist Federation Action Group) and the Road Safety Authority to host a "Relais Calmos" for motorcyclists, on the Domaine d'Harcourt rest & service area (accessible from the A28 in both directions, located at junction 13, the Brionne exit).

In order to make motorcyclists' journeys safer and more fluid, ALIS has once again made its network open to motorcyclist free of charge, something that it has done every year since 2006.

This rest stop will be accompanied by safety advice, inviting motorcyclists to drive safely and responsibly; driving in groups causes increased risks that are already high for motorcyclists, particularly vulnerable in case of accidents.
Since 1991, on the occasion of these types of events, the French Motorcyclist Federation Action Group set up motorcyclist rest areas on the major road and motorway routes. Part of the expression of solidarity between motorcyclists, this initiative aims at improving road safety on such journeys and has full backing of the Highways Road Safety Authority.
At these rest stops, only for motorcyclists' use, there will be many events and activities proposed, manned by volunteers of the FFMC who will also be around to provide drinks and pastries provided by the Relais Calmos. Motorcyclists will also be able to take advantage of non-stop free rock concerts, on Saturday (9:00 am and 6:00 pm) and Sunday (from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm).

On the return journey, during these times, physiotherapists will be on hand to provide relaxing massages.

On the practical front, motorcyclists will be able to check tyre pressure and inflate under-pressure tyres, clean their helmets and carry out light maintenance on their bikes with the tools provided. The Domaine d'Harcourt rest and service area also provides a fuel pump and a food & drinks outlet.