Complete success for the first "Motorcyclist Rest Stop"
organised on the A28 !


On 14th and 15th May last, more than 1000 motorcyclists made a halt at the Domaine d'Harcourt rest area where they were able to take advantage, for the first time, by a "Motorcyclist Rest Stop" set up on the occasion of the French Motorcycle Grand Prix.

Jointly organised by Alis and the Eure and Seine Maritime Departments Territories and Sea Ministry, and with the assistance of the Eure and Seine Maritime Departments Fédération Française des Motards en Colère (French Motorcyclists Federation Action Group) and the participation of the Road Safety Directorate, this operation incited motorcyclists either going to or returning from the Le Mans Race Circuit, to make a rest stop in order to reduce the risk of accidents due to tiredness.

Even though the numbers of motorcyclists taking a break was a great success, an even greater success was that there were no accidents involving motorcyclists on their way to or back from the Bugatti Race Circuit on the roads of the Eure Department undoubtedly helped by the organisation of the rest stop.

In a warm and relaxed atmosphere, completely in tune with the "motorcycling spirit", each motorcyclist was able to take advantage of the services offered (inflating and checking the pressure of tyres, cleaning of visors and provision of tools), savour the coffee and pastries provided and rock to the music provided by the rock concerts organised for the occasion.

Therapeutic massages, given by physiotherapists to counter aches, pains and cramps, were equally much appreciated by the motorcyclists before setting of again on their journeys.

Following the success of this event, it has decided to repeat this initiative, at the same rest area, on the upcoming 24th and 25th September on the occasion of the Le Mans 24 Hours Motorcycle Race.