Camembert: its place in History!


Camembert: its place in History!

"The epic story of Camembert Cheese and the extraordinary history of the town and region..." such is the programme of the show proposed by the Pays de Camembert Tourist Office on 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th August next starting at 10 pm at the Beaumoncel Manor, birth place of the famous cheese.

Spectators will be able to relive, in the duration of one evening, the major events that took place throughout history that marked Normandy and the village of Camembert. From the Vikings to Charlotte Corday, William the Conqueror to the Dalai Lama, Field Marshal Rommel to Margaret Mitchell, without forgetting, of course, Marie Harel, said to have invented the recipe for the famous cheese, the characters being presented during the several scenes of this historic presentation revive the history of the setting.

Assisted by elaborate lighting, the projection of giant images, remarkable pyrotechnic effects, the "sound and light" show promises to be up to the enthusiasm, energy and perseverance with which more than one hundred volunteers have been preparing the show over the past months!

Alis is one of the partners of the project which is one of the highlights of the summer tourist season of the Region, and which certainly will be, for this first edition, a great success

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