Road safety is not just for adults!


In terms of road safety, the importance of awareness and training of people as young as possible requires no further proof. For this reason, Alis has taken the initative in organising an original event by inviting, on 17th January last, infant and primary school children from Saint-Germain-la-Campagne (Eure Department) to the A28 Motorway Operations Centre located at Chaumont. Nearly 80 children between the ages of 4 and 10 years old were taught the basic rules of road safety.

Various workshops were proposed, with the participation of Gendarmes of the A28 Gendarmerie Motorway Patrol, the Road Safety Unit of the Gendarmerie Nationale, the Association for the Education and the Training of Road Safety (A.E.F.S.R), the association "La Dame Blanche" as well as operations personnel.

Practical exercises like a bicycle course allowed the children to discover and learn the meaning of signposts and the Highway Code. They were also made aware of the importance of wearing a seat belt by testing the crash seat provided, and learned how to buckle-up correctly.

Accompanied by the operation personnel, the children were also able to discover the equipment and vehicles used for motorway maintenance (salt spreader, snowploughs, etc.).

These workshops were completed by a presentation by the association "La Dame Blanche", which cares for wild animals injured by road accidents and sometimes recovered by the motorway operations personnel. After having presented their activity and given some useful advice on the preservation of animal species, they finished with the release into the wild of a buzzard and a hawk to the great pleasure of the children.

A book with road safety games was handed out to each child and a road safety board game was given to each class.

Edith Harzic, Principal Private Secretary of the Orne Prefecture, and Colonel Chappot de la Chanonie, Orne Gendarmerie Squad Commander, gave the honour of their presence at the event which was highly appreciated by both the children and the accompanying staff.