My Daddy has saved lives; it cost him his


Mon papa il a sauvé des vies, ça lui a coûté la sienne

"My Daddy has saved lives; it cost him his". This is the new slogan that will be displayed in the toll barrier lanes on the Alis section of the A28 motorway.

This new campaign helps to improve the safety of the motorway personnel who makes accident and breakdown zones safe, monitors, maintains and intervenes on the A28 motorway between Rouen and Alençon. These guardian angels are nonetheless at the mercy of the driving behaviour of each and every one of us.

Although visible, in their fluorescent yellow uniforms, they are still all too frequently victims of accidents in carrying out their work.

Adapt your driving and control your speed on approach to the toll barriers, road works and breakdown or accident zones. In brief, be responsible for their lives, not their death.

Vigilance and concentration whilst at the wheel makes the motorway a safer place for all of us. Don't let a few seconds of inattention make the drawing become a reality.