Spend your free time to the full with Liber-t Senior !


Whether visiting touristic sites, family get togethers, visiting friends or shopping trips, with more freedom, senior citizens often have many reasons to take trips. For these reasons Alis has offered them since February 1st a privileged toll rate.

With Liber-t Senior, all drivers of over sixty years of age can benefit from a 30 % reduction on the whole of their trips carried out over the Alis network between Rouen and Alençon. In addition, a Liber-t hands free automatic toll tag is available at no charge with no deposit nor administration fees, with the understanding of making at least 15 trips during the first year across the same network (if this condition is not met, 20 euros will be charged the following year).

In addition, as with all Liber-t subscriptions from Alis, Liber-t Senior allows its subscribers to benefit free of charge from the Roumois / Bourg-Achard motorway section and requires no commitment over time.

To subscribe, just download the subscription form by clicking here or by contacting Alis Customer Services on 02 32 20 21 70 (standard rate call) in order to receive the documentation by post.