On your way to your holiday destination, take a break with Alis!


On your way to your holiday destination, take a break with Alis!

If "holidays" means relaxation, the drive there is rarely that! Even though the motorway makes for a comfortable and safe journey, it doesn't stop the children from becoming grumpy, the parents edgy and as the miles roll by the driver becoming more and more tired...

For this reason, this year again, Alis invite all motorists to take a break and take advantage of entertainment and activities laid on for them free of charge. On the following Saturdays; 27th July, 3rd, 10th and 17th August; from 11 am to 6 pm, everything has been provided to provide a welcome halt on the Domaine d'Harcourt rest & service area (exit n°13 "Brionne"). The loungers will be there for you to take a nap on, the trestle tables to have a picnic and the massaging armchairs to help un-knot those tired muscles stiffened by the drive.

Small children will be delighted by the animals of the mini-farm while the older children will be able to pose for a funny portrait drawn by an artist that will offer them the finished results. And that's not all: rock, jazz, blues, country, soul, pop, international or French, there'll be music for all tastes provided by two enthusiastic musicians who will entertain spectators with music of all types. Following this interlude, each motorist will then be able to resume their journey, relaxed, full of energy... and in the safest of conditions!

Did you know?

33% of fatal accidents on the motorway are due to tiredness and nodding off at the wheel multiplies by 8 the risk of an accident.

Taking a break is the only effective remedy when tired. Whatever the experience, age, journey or vehicle, stopping at least every 2 hours is indispensable for driving under safe conditions! Furthermore, at the first sign of tiredness (yawning, stiff neck, heavy eyelids, etc.), motorists must take a break at the next rest or service area for at least 20 minutes in order to recover and, if possible, take a short nap. Safety and serenity depend on it!