New toll tariffs as of 1st February 2014


As of 1st February 2014, new toll tariffs will be applied for all French concession motorway companies. In accordance with the concession contract agreed upon with the State, the toll tariffs for the ALIS concession motorway network will increase, as of this date, by an average of 3.0 % for all classes of vehicles.

The new toll tariffs are available here, at the toll barriers and by calling the Alis Customer Services Department on (33) (0)2 32 20 21 70.

This increase in toll tariffs, an integral part of the financing of the A28 Rouen / Alençon Motorway, is essential to the carrying out, by the concession holder, of the public service mission entrusted to it by the state and in providing the best possible conditions for motorway users.

In 2013 ALIS embarked on the renovation of the carriageway wearing surfaces in order to maximise the safety and comfort of users

The first phase of works, carried out in the Eure Department, was completed in October 2013. This work resulted in the renewal of all lanes, over the full width of the carriageways and in both directions. The second phase has been scheduled to be carried out between March and June 2014. The works will cover the section between the Bernay interchange (n°14) and the Gacé interchange (n°16).

A third and last phase of renovation shall be carried out in the first half of 2015.

Information on the details of the road works to be carried out in 2014 shall shortly be available on the website As for the first phase in 2013, Alis shall send on request, either by email or by SMS, all information on the details of the road works and the eventual repercussion to traffic conditions to users.

Alis automatic hands free toll tag subscribers shall automatically and systematically receive this information. For other clients, all they need to do receive this same information is to sign up on the specific website.