Alis, A28 Rouen / Alençon concession holder
A new generation of Concession Company

Following a European call for tenders, Alis (Autoroute de Liaison Seine-Sarthe, Seine-Sarthe motorway link), a newcomer to the French motorway landscape, was attributed in 2000 the concession of the A28 Rouen-Alençon motorway for a period of 62 years as of 27th October 2005, date of the opening of the motorway.

Backed by serious and financially sound shareholders, the company can count on the skills, experience and resources of reputable groups, among the best specialists in the world within each of their respective domains.

The complementarities of this specialist experience and skills covering different fields has allowed Alis to successfully deal with each phase of the project (finance, design, construction) in the best possible conditions, and to achieve a first in France: the opening of a single 125 km stretch of motorway in one go.

  • Aberdeen Infrastructure
  • Egis SA
  • Mirova
  • PGGM
  • Sanef
  • SAPN

Created in 2008, Aberdeen Infrastructure Partners LP inc is a fund managed by Aberdeen Asset Management. Aberdeen Asset Management is a global asset manager and a FTSE 100 company. It is based in 26 countries with 37 offices, over 750 investment professionals and around 2,700 staff overall. Assets under management across several asset classes. namely equities, fixed income, property, infrastructure and private equity were €456.9bn as at 31 March 2015. Aberdeen Asset Management is one of the largest managers investing in essential economic and social infrastructure projects in Europe, U.S. and Australia, having made in excess of 120 infrastructure investments in Public Private Partnerships”.

Egis - subsidiary of the Caisse des Dépôts - is an engineering and consultancy group in the fields of infrastructure construction and transport systems, developments, water and the environment. The group also intervenes in the fields of implementing projects and in road and airport operations. With 8370 employees worldwide and a turnover of 563 M€ in 2009, the company is present in more than 100 countries and has around fifty installations in France. In 2009, Egis joined up with Iosis, a Building and Industrial Civil Engineering projects engineering company, in order to launch a new global engineering offer and to form the French leader in engineering and construction.
Egis is involved in the A28 Rouen-Alençon project through its subsidiaries Egis Route (design and engineering), who assure 80 % of the workmanship on the French motorway network, and Egis Road Operations who participate in the operation and the maintenance of the works. Egis Road Operations already manages close to 1550 kilometres of motorways throughout the world.

As a manager of Caisses d'Epagne's infrastructure investment vehicles FIDEPPP and FIDEPPP2, Mirova is a leader in the French PPP market, with a proven track record on greenfield investments and asset management of brownfield assets.

It has invested in 20 PPP assets across a broad range of sectors. Mirova benefits also from as a highly skilled integrated support team and has developed strong expertise in assessing and managing risks associated with brownfield infrastructure investments from operational and strategic to financial and legal, and is thus well equipped to manage the assets being offered for sale. In particular, Mirova is familiar with availability-based and revenue-based assets such as motorways, universities, hospitals, stadiums, arenas, conference halls or exhibition centres.

Mirova Core Infrastructure Fund (MCIF), Mirova's €700m fund dedicated to brownfield infrastructures in Europe, has a long-term, 25-year buy-and-hold strategy and seeks to invest in core infrastructures with strong sustainability criteria.

Funded in 1969, PGGM is a leading Dutch pension fund services provider with AUM ca.€184bn and 1500 employees offering its clients pension administration, asset management and advisory services.

PGGM is a cooperative business with 700 thousand members, employers and employees mainly in the Dutch health care sector.

Since 2005 PGGM invested EUR6.5bln in essential infrastructure companies and projects in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. PGGM is a direct infrastructure investor with long-term investment horizon and strong commitment to the principles of responsible investment.

Having 3 400 employees, SANEF specialising in 3 main areas:

  • "Concession" Group: the Group intervenes as investor, creator and owner of transport infrastructures and currently holds 4 concessions.
  • "Infrastructure Management" Group regrouping the departments linked to the operation of the motorway infrastructure, telemetry services and local services.
  • "Development" Group proposing made to measure solutions in the country wanting to install the automatic toll system on a regional or national scale.

The SANEF group operates and maintains a network of 1743 km of motorway in the North, and the East of France and in Normandy.

La Société des Autoroutes Paris-Normandie (SAPN), subsidiary of the SANEF group, is a mixed economy motorway concession company, in the Paris and Normandy regions. Since 1963, the date of its creation, SAPN operates a motorway network of 370 km including the A13 (Paris/Caen), the A14 (La Défense/Orgeval) and the A29 (St Quentin/Le Havre). SAPN has 800 employees, and in 2008, achieved a turnover of 312 M€.
SAPN is in partnership with Transroute, a subsidiary of Egis, at the operations level of the Rouen - Alençon section of the A28 motorway.

What is a concession holder?

A concession holder is a legal entity delegated by the State, by the means of a concession contract, to have the responsibility of the finance, design, construction, operation and maintenance of a public infrastructure for a predetermined length of time.

On the date of expiry of the contract, ownership of and responsibility for the infrastructure reverts to the State. The advantage of the system, employed in many countries, is to have rapid growth in major public infrastructure projects whilst avoiding that the cost of the project is singly borne by the State budget.