An essential duty: operate and maintain the Motorway.

The operation of A28 Rouen-Alenšon is carried out by a company specifically set up for this purpose: Routalis, a subsidiary of both SAPN (Sanef Group) and of Transroute International (Egis Group), two of Alis' shareholders that have extensive experience of this type of operation. Routalis, who locally employs around fifty staff, has the ultimate responsibility for the monitoring of the network, the management of the flow of traffic, the roadworthiness during adverse meteorological conditions, the maintenance of the infrastructure and the collection of tolls.

A permanently monitored motorway network


24h a day, 7 days a week, operating staff relay each other at the Chaumont Operations Centre in the monitoring of traffic via roadside cameras and by triggering emergency call outs by the motorway mobile intervention teams as and when they occur.

It is this same team that answers calls from one of the 232 emergency call out telephones operational along the whole route of the motorway or from one of the intercoms that can be found at the unmanned toll barriers.

Guarantee the safety of motorway users and the availability of the infrastructure.


The meteorological information gathering station located near to the La Risle viaduct provides constant and up to the minute, information on climatic conditions over the route and triggers all carriageway treatment interventions be they preventative or curative, when required and using the various vehicles (trucks, snows ploughs, gritters, etc.) based at the Chaumont Operations Centre and the Bourg-Achard Maintenance Base.