A28 Rouen / Alençon history
The story behind the record

On 27th October 2005, for the first time in France, all 125 kms of the section of motorway were opened in one go. However, that is not all: the involvement of the construction teams, the importance of the means employed, the excellence of the coordination of the various parties involved all contributed to the construction of the 125 km in only 28 months, which equally constitutes a first. It is in this manner that Alis was able to get ahead on its contractual obligations by opening the motorway nearly two months ahead of schedule.

The A28 Rouen-Alençon motorway construction schedule

  • Studies
  • Environmental studies
  • Concertation
  • Archaeological digs
  • Remembrement
  • Preparation works
  • Construction works
études environnementales
fouilles archéologiques
travaux préparatoires