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TIS-PL HGV TOLL TAG : towards toll tags
that are valid throughout Europe

Fully introduced in 2007, the TIS-PL HGV toll tag is a hands free toll payment system that allows class 3 and 4 vehicles (more than 3.5t) to pay tolls automatically on all French Toll motorways as well as certain bridges and tunnels. As for the Liber-t hands free toll tags used in cars, the toll tag, placed on the windscreen, allows smoother passage through the toll barriers and give rights to discounts, in conformity with the "Inter-operability" and "Eurotax" European directives.

The principal advantages of the TIS-PL HGV toll tag

Companies issuing hands free toll tags

From now on, the function of concession motorway service provider and that of hands free subscriptions manager are distinct and seperated. In France, four companies have been approved as official issuers of TIS-PL HGV toll tags by a commission placed under the responsibility of the ASFA (French Motorway Concession Companies Association). Alis has no particular agreement with any of these companies: you are free to contact whichever you wish in order to find out about their subscription offers.

15 rue des cuirassiers
69487 Lyon CEDEX 03
Tél.:(33)(0)4 26 29 75 20
Fax :(33)(0)4 26 29 75 22

DKV Euro Service France
10, rue Chevreul
Tél.:(33)(0)1 40 99 02 66
Fax :(33)(0)1 46 97 97 39

30, boulevard Galliéni
Tél.:(33)(0)825 10 10 80

Total Gr
Offre Télépéage PL
TSA 50002
34 quai de la Loire
75 019 PARIS
N° indigo :(33)(0)825 09 32 09

Lanes to use when going through toll plazas

When entering a network/toll section:

HGVs (class 3 and 4 vehicles) must use the lanes identified as such: SignalisationVoie.

Be careful not to use the lanes that are reserved for vehicles not exceeding a height of 2 metres!

If your hands free toll tag cannot be read when entering the motorway, take a ticket and present it, on exit, to the personnel manning a manual payment lane booth, if it exists. If not, use the intercom at a payment point to be put into contact with the personnel of the motorway operator.

When leaving a network/toll section:
On the Alis network, HGVs must use the lanes identified as such:SignalisationVoie.

N.B. On certain networks, there are specific lanes reserved for class 4 HGVs equipped with a TIS-PL HGV toll tag. These lanes can often be found completely on the right and are identified by the symbol SignalisationTIS

The system cannot function if: