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All correspondence must be addressed to ALIS - Customer Services - Lieu-dit le Haut Croth - 27310 BOURG ACHARD, France. - Tel. (33) (0)

How can I obtain a toll tag ?

Download the subscription best adapted to your needs on Alis liber-t offers pages

If you prefer to receive the subscription contract by post, contact us by e-mail or contact Customer Services on (33) (2) 32 20 21 70 (un-surcharged standard rate).

We will process your request within one working day after its receipt. Your Liber-t hands free toll tag will be sent by post, at no extra charge, to the address of your choice.

Does the toll tag work on the entire French motorway network ?

Yes, except Mont-Blanc and Fréjus tunnels.

It also works in certain Vinci Car Parks. Click here to see the list.

Is there an additional fee if I use my toll tag on motorways in France operated by other concession holders ?

No, there will be no additional fee, only the standard cost of the trip shall be billed.

Is the subscription annual ?

No, you can cancel the subscription at any time, in writing and sent by recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt.

When do I receive my bill ?

Your bill, including details of all your trips, is available in the customer's area of the website between the 10th and 15th of the month following the month in which you made the trips (e.g. if you made some trips in January, the bill is available between 10th and 15th February). You receive an e-mail as soon as it is online.

If you prefer, you may choose to receive your bills by post. Each sending will be charged 1 euro. If you made no motorway trips during the month (including outside our network), you will not receive a bill.

When will the billed sum be debited from my account ?

The sum is debited from your account on the 5th of the month following the issuing of the bill. E.g. the cost of the trips made in January will be debited from your account on 5th March.

Is it possible to view my bills on Internet ?

You can view and download the bills including details of all trips, free of charge, in the customer's area of the website during 12 months after issuing.

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