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Alençon: traditional and modern


The name of Alençon is inseparable from needle point lace of incomparable finesse which made the town famous as of the 18th century. Since 2010, the "Queen of all laces", synonymous with elegance and refinement, is inscribed on the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity established by the UNESCO. Showing its appreciation for this exceptional craftsmanship, the town has devoted a very interesting within the Fine Art Museum. Alençon is also the location for a plastic processing centre of excellence, unique in Europe, of which its principal missions are training, innovation and technology transfer, promotion of skills and the setting up of new companies.

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Following substantial renovation, the Birth place of Saint Thérèse has reopened its doors. Now named Maison natale - Maison Famille Martin the site pays homage to this family from Alençon with such an exceptional destiny. The presentation (displays, film projections, etc..) has faithfully recreated the ambiance of the life of Thérèse and her parents. A reception area, exhibition gallery, "historical" area and shop make up the visit. Free entry, accessible to the general public without exception.

Alençon: traditional and modern

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Experience the seat of the Dukes of Alençon's gourmet delights, discover the city and taste the delightful local produce and specialities. Accommodation with prices starting at 69 €/pers. (based on two people sharing). Simply call + €33 €(0) €2 €33 €28 €07 €00.