Visitez la Normandie avec l'A28 Rouen-Alenšon

The Ecouves forest: benefit from the charms of Mother Nature


Within the Normandy-Maine Regional Park, this magnificent forest extends over 15,000 hectares, in a varied and hilly landscape. The forest culminates at 417 m above sea level, the highest point in Normandy which can be appreciated by a visit to the Ecouves viewing tower. The variety of tree species, the presence of red deer stags and hinds and roe deers - that you may have luck in seeing - the abundance of mushrooms during the season, will incite nature lovers to stop a while and relax amongst the tall forest trees.

Did you know ?

When visiting the Ecouves Forest, be sure to go to the Croix MÚdavy crossroads to discover the Valois tank of the 2nd Tank Division of General Leclerc. It is a monument to the liberation of Alenšon and of the Orne Department by French troops during World War II.

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Foret d'Ecouves