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Forêt de Montfort : land of the Sylvester pines


With more than two thirds of its 2000 hectares planted with pines, the forest of Montfort is completely atypical of the region. Besides the Sylvester pines, some of which have their majestic trunks rising over 35 m, there are some remarkable trees and sites to be discovered: a tree lined path of sequoias, a colony of tsugas hétérophyllas, a very healthy adult elm and not forgetting the "virgin oak". It is an ideal place for a long and relaxing walk with three areas which have been reserved for picnicking, relaxing, playing games and getting information allow both the young and older generation to make the most of Nature's ressources.

Did you know ?

This ancient noble forest of the counts and barons de Montfort was united with the domains of the crown of France in 1204. It was relinquished to the Annebault family in 1550, and it finally became definitively a national domain in 1833. Since 1966 it has been managed by the Office of Rivers and Forests.

Forêt de Montfort : land of the Sylvester pines

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On the edge of the forest of Montfort you will find "Le Hannoy" a pleasant guest house whose mezzanine floor reaches the tops of the surrounding alders and ash-trees. The perfect place to stroll along lanes with promising names such as "lovers lane", and "lane of three chateaux" ... Charming welcome from the owners and Marie-Thérése's inspired home cooking ... 50 € for 2 people including breakfast. 55 € for 3 people. Dinner: 19 €/pers

Forêt de Montfort : land of the Sylvester pines


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