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Médavy, Ô, Sassy: 3 enchanting Manor



Built in the 18th century, this abode was erected on the site of a medieval castle. Its ancient lime trees, French style gardens, dome topped towers and its three double-arched bridges, giving access to the main courtyard, make Médavy a particularly majestic site.


This magnificent Renaissance dwelling carries the name of the family who had it built in the 15th century.The residence is reflected in the calm waters of the surrounding moat.The tree filled gardens still have their original planting and their farm buildings.


This imposing castle, built of stone and red brick, and its parkland, together form a beautiful pairing on the edge of the Ecouves forest. Making it even more remarkable is the fact that its completion took more than a century; from the central part built at the end of the 18th century, to the creation of the French style garden around 1925.

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Chateau de Médavy, Ô et Sassy Discover normandy Médavy, Ô, Sassy: 3 enchanting châteaux Médavy, Ô, Sassy: 3 enchanting châteaux Médavy, Ô, Sassy: 3 enchanting châteaux

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