ALiS partnerships

ALiS, investing locally, backs projects and develops partnerships in the Orne and Eure departments in the following sectors:

  • Mobility and sustainable development
  • Cultural and environmental sponsorship
  • Social integration through the workplace

Our partnerships

L'école des semeurs

Since January 2020, the Sowing School has been welcoming young "school dropouts" (15-18 years old) to Beaumesnil castle (27), to train them and qualify them for the job of market gardener and sellers of organic fruit and vegetables based on the pedagogy of the Production Schools. In collaboration with different actors, this school is developing a garden-market gardener-school in order to allow young people with social and academic difficulties to regain a taste for their lives. It is the first School of Production to offer training in the agricultural sector.

l'école des semeurs website


ACCES (Accueil Contact Conseil Emploi Services) is an integration structure through economic activity and an actor in the social and solidarity economy. ACCES has been carrying out a solidarity mobility platform since 2017 which is developing a mobility offer across the entire Intercom Bernay Terres de Normandie territory. In the 1st quarter of 2020, a solidarity garage workshop was implemented with the assistance of ALiS.

ACCES website

 Domaine National du Haras du Pin 

ALiS is financing, along with the Orne Departmental Council, the implementation of a rental site for electric vehicles. Dedicated to the many tourists and the 120,000 visitors and participants in the annual events of the Versailles of the Horse, these new means of travel will allow all to discover the 1100 hectares in a funny way. This offer is available in electric bicycles, golf carts or other electric toy vehicles. As the stud covers a large area, these vehicles make the visit easier in an ecological and enjoyable way and provide a fuller experience for the visitors. 

Haras National du Pin website


RustiK is a theme park that is currently being developed near the Sées interchange, in the Orne department and scheduled to open in 2021. Having a medieval fantastic theme, RustiK will be a place for adventures, quests and legends! ALiS is backing the creation of this theme park, the first of its type in France.

The park wants to be a pionner in neo-tourism. A real environmental policy frames the creation and development of this tourist center. The creation, maintenance and preservation of wooded areas is a priority for the park teams. For this reason, afforestation actions are planned throughout the development of the park. The construction of the park will be subject to compensatory afforestation, of course, but this approach will be extended by taking into account the CO² emissions of park visitors coming.

ALiS financially supports RustiK in this ambitious process of carbon offsetting and also provides land for afforestation actions.

RustiK website  

Intercommunal Center for Social Actions of Brionne

The Intecommunal Center for Social Actions of "Bernay Terres de Normandie" has set up an integration project to welcome people with social or professional difficulties with the aim of returning to work.

The themes of the integration site are the valorisation of green spaces.

In 2019, ALiS has entrusted the Center for Social Action with various integration projects, such as the cleaning of wasteland and undergrowth, and the crushing of branches on several sites.


Our beehives on the Domaine d'Harcourt rest and service area

Other partnerships are currently under consideration and will soon see the light of day!