Subscription offers

ALiS provides a variety of toll subscription offers for frequent users, in partnership with FULLI (AREA - APRR group). On 1 February 2023, our offers will change: ALiS 20 becomes ALiS 25 and ALiS 30 becomes ALiS 50.

Offer ALIS 25

25% discount is given on all journeys (*) when 75€ per month have been spent on the ALiS network .

Offer destinated to individuals (vehicles class 1, 2 or 5) and professionals (vehicles class 1 or 2)

Subscription to ALiS 25

Offer ALIS 50 

50% discount on a pre-determined journey on the ALiS network (*) when more than 20 journeys are made per month.

Offer destinated to individuals only (vehicles class 1, 2 or 5)

 Subscription to ALiS 50


(*) Except those including Argentan toll plaza, shared with ALICORNE

The Gacé discount

ALiS has set up a 13% discount for heavy trucks penalized by the traffic ban in the city of Gacé.

Subject to making at least 20 Gacé-Orbec or Gacé-Bernay journeys in the same calendar month, Class 3 and 4 vehicles will be granted a 13% discount on the toll rates for these trips.

This discount is applied to heavy goods vehicles paying their toll using TIS-PL electronic tolls and is calculated on the badge. It is included in the commercial terms of the TIS-PL transmitters.