Services provided on the A28 Rouen Alençon

Regular or occasional motorists on the motorway, whether it’s to fill up with fuel, to have a bite to eat or simply to relax by taking an all important break in your journey, the installations that can be found all along the route of the motorway are at your disposal so you can travel in "complete comfort"!

Rest and service areas

2 rest & service areas can be found along the route of the Rouen Alençon A28. Each one provides all the services required to rest and replenish, to fill up on fuel and on energy!

  • The La Dentelle d'Alençon rest & service area
  • The Les Haras rest & service area

Please note that at Domaine d'Harcourt rest area, a fuel services is also proposed consisting only of a simple emergency fuel stop available 24/7 with payment by card only.

The installation of electric vehicle recharge totems is currently being in progress. To date, the Dentelle d'Alençon car park is equipped with 4 fast charging stations. 4 others will soon be installed at the Les Haras site and 4 others at Domaine d'Harcourt rest area.

The rest & picnic areas

3 rest & picnic areas can be found along the route of the Rouen Alençon A28:

The two Sources de l'Orne rest areas;

The La Risle et Charentonne rest area;

The Domaine d'Harcourt rest area.

Particularity of the A28 Rouen Alençon

 Most rest and service areas on the Rouen Alençon A28 motorway are unilateral and bidirectional:

Unilateral as they are located on one side of the A28 motorway ; Bidirectional as they can be accessed in both directions whether you are travelling north or south.

We must highlight the importance of motorway users paying attention to the direction in which they want to resume their journeys after taking a well earned break! In effect, many mistakes in journeys occur and making a U-turn on motorways is strictly prohibited.

As a guide, if you are travelling north, follow the directions of LE HAVRE and ROUEN.

If you are travelling south, follow the directions of LE MANS and ALENCON.


If your vehicle breaks down on the motorway, road side assistance is provided by accredited breakdown services, available 24h hours a day, 7 days a week, who respond to call outs within 30 minutes for cars, vans, etc. and 1 hour maximum for HGVs when a call is made from an emergency breakdown telephone. The list of authorised breakdown mechanics and the rates are provided below: 

List of accredited breakdown mechanics and costs

Download the pdf file

Emergency call out network

The Rouen Alençon A28 is equipped with an emergency breakdown telephone located about every kilometre. On a simple call, 24h a day, you will be put in contact with an operator at the Chaumont Operations Control Centre who will then trigger the appropriate measures to be taken to come to your aid.