ALiS' corporate social responsibility

ALiS is committed to ensuring a responsible and sustainable development

Autoroute de Liaison Seine-Sarthe - ALiS is an independent joint stock SME that holds the concession of the Rouen - Alençon section of the A28 motorway which it also operates.

The motorway is an integral link between the North and the South of Europe, from the banks of the River Seine to the banks of the River Sarthe, crossing the Auge, Ouche and Perche regions in the heart of Normandy.
As a crucial element of local, regional and European economic activity, ALiS and the A28 motorway fundamentally contributes to the vitality, appeal and access to business and touristic infrastructure of the region by providing a safe and quick means of transport.
Having been awarded a 62 year concession, ALiS views the long term and involves itself in the daily life of the region, in a sustainable way, adapting to the ever evolving situation that is climate change.

ALiS is an economic, social and societal link between territories in the heart of Normandy

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The Key Points of our CSR policy 2020 - 2025

As a committed regional player for the last 15 years, we decided to accelerate in 2020 our environmental, social and corporate commitment prioritising safety, customer satisfaction, an accentuated effort in sustainable development in all its forms, and support of regional economic and social initiatives.

The success of our corporate vision rests on the alignment of our values and initiatives with social and environmental concerns and by constantly striving to improve our procedures, our quality of service and the overall impact on the environment and society. This success shall be achieved through the effort and commitment of all stakeholders, in the Norman region and beyond, starting with each and every company employee, our partners and our shareholders, serving our customers.
After an initial phase of exchanges with our stakeholders (sub-concession holders, suppliers, customers, local authorities, administrative authorities and institutions, NGOs, local economic organisations, etc.), we are implementing as of 2021 a voluntary and structured CSR policy centred on our participation in attaining 5 Sustainable Development Objectives among the 17 United Nations Sustainable Developpement Goals to make ALiS a company combing economic and sustainable performance.