A health ressort

Located in the heart of a wooded and rocky cliffs landscape, Bagnoles-del'Orne is an ideal location for rest and relaxation. A health resort, it combines the beneficial effects of the outdoor and water. The architecture of its "Belle-Epoque" quarter, with its beautiful polychrome facade villas, is a reminder of its rich past as a fashionable 19th century resort. After a day spent in the thermal spa or pursuing outdoor activities (bike rides, horse rides, walks, rock climbing, boating on the lake, etc.), come the evening, why not try your luck in the Casino!

Did you know?

A lighthouse in the middle of the Andaines Forest? No, in fact it is the Bonvouloir tower. It is the sole remaining survivor of a medieval castle built by Lord Essirard. Legend has it that Lord Essirard had the castle built in hommage to the healing affects of the waters of Bagnoles that restored him his full manhood and allowed him to father ten children with his beloved.

bagnoles de l'orne

Access: exit Sées