A rich heritage preserved

In the 18th century, the small town of Chambrais became the domain of the illustrious Italian Broglie family and adopted their name. Today Broglie is proud of its heritage: in the Saint Martin church traces can be found of medieval architecture, the leprosy from the 15th century shows sculptured decoration of mythological creatures. The chateau houses the library of Mme de Staël. Remains of the fortifications from the 11th century, historical mills, and a 19th century forge also speak of the authenticity of this Norman city.

Did you know?

You can enjoy a 12 km stroll along the country walk which runs from Broglie to Bernay. Here, city dwellers will forget the jostle of everyday life and appreciate the peaceful charm and pastoral beauty of the winding banks of the Charentonne. And its waters will not disappoint fly fishing enthusiasts!


Access: exit 15 - Orbec