The jewel of French cheeses

The cheese, to which the village gave its name, is not the only source of pride for this small community, so typically Norman. It celebrates several other good regional products: for example cider, pommeau (apple aperitif wine), poiré (pear cider), calvados (apple brandy); specialities which may be tasted at source, at good restaurants, or at local events. Don't miss a visit to the "Maison du Camembert" which has an extensive presentation of the village itself and on the cheese making technique, as well as an exhibition of objects relating to the dairy industry…

Did you know?

The famous cheese was perfected in 1791 by a lady farmer from Camembert, Marie Harel, thanks to advice received from a rebel priest from Brie who was taking refuge in her home. Her daughter, whose name was also Marie, and her descendants developed the production. As of 1916 it was part of the soldiers rations which helped it to gain nationwide renown.


Access: exit 15 - Orbec