Unrestricted habitat for more than 500 animals

CERZA (Augeron Zoological Centre for Rearing and Breeding) covers 60 hectares and is devoted to the protection, reproduction and rearing of endangered species or those on the verge of disappearing. More than 500 animals, some of which are very rare, revel in a natural preserved environment. To allow you to get as close as possible there are two visiting routes to follow on foot:

  • "The heart of Africa" with its giraffes, lions, hippopotami, rhinoceros, tigers, monkeys and panthers,
  • "Wild valley" inhabited by Alaskan wolves, bison, white tigers, brown bears, leopards. In addition to the circuits, a small train takes you on safari into the heart of the animals territory.

Did you know?

The CERZA zoological park has been developing innovative breeding methods for more than twenty years and does its best to rear its animals in as close an environment as possible to their natural habitat. The park has also enjoyed some rare, even unique, events, such as the birth of Keyah, a female white rhinoceros, or Benji, a male tapir from Malaysia, at present the only one of his species to be found in France.

cerza zooloigical park

CERZA Zoological Park
Access: exit 14 - Bernay