L'Aigle and Saint Evroult abbey

In the heart of Ouche regio

A patchwork of small, hedged in fields, the agricultural region of Ouche has many attractive features: cheerful valleys, a vast forest inhabited by deer and wild boar and green pastures planted as orchards with flowering hedgerows... Picturesque villages and majestic ruins in particular that of the Saint Evroult Notre Dame du Bois Abbey are very nice to stroll about. Le Musée de la Grosse Forge at Aube has brought back to life the metallurgy industry, thanks to the several mills. Le Musée Juin 44 at L'Aigle, which recounts the history of the Normandy Landings, allows visitors to rediscover memories of this region's past.

Did you know?

The cultural influence of the Saint Evroult Abbey was such in the 11th century that it was the origin of the foundation of several abbeys in Italy but especially that of the famous Cambridge University in Great Britain.

saint evroult abbey

L'Aigle and Saint Evroult abbey
Access: exit 16 - Gacé