In remembrance of the Battle of Normandy

Situated in magnificent surroundings, the Montormel memorial is located in the heart of the "Falaise pocket" where, in August 1944, the final act of the Battle of Normandy took place. The interactive museum, unique in its genre, covers several exhibition halls. Films, sound and light displays and animated relief maps combine to recount the events which took place here and explain how these locations became part of our history. The soberly sculpted monument, erected on the 20th commemoration of the Battle, invites reflexion and contemplation, and commemorates the sacrifice of those who fell here in the name of freedom.

Did you know?

On the 22nd August 1944 The Battle of Normandy ended near Chambois. Despite the name of "Falaise Pocket", it is in the Orne department that the German army was surrounded by the allies. The extremely hard battles led to the routing of the German army and the liberation of Paris. Today it is hard to imagine how such a serene land could have witnessed such an onslaught of metal and fire from which it gained the name of the "Norman Stalingrad".

montormel memorial

Montormel Memorial
Access: exit 16 - Gacé