The jewel of Norman Gothic architecture

Sées lives in the shadow of itscathedral, the slender spires of which can bee seen from more than 10 km away. This monument, which fell, turn by turn, victim to the ravages of war and the instability of its foundations, nevertheless remains one of the best examples of Norman Gothic architecture of the 12th and 14th centuries. In the choir, the magnificent stained glass windows and the dark blue marble high alter decorated with sculptured bas-reliefs attract your attention. The acoustics of the cathedral, of exceptional quality, give rise to the staging of many regular concerts.

Did you know?

On summer week-ends, as the night falls, the Sees Cathedral put on its evening wear in the form of a lights and sound extravaganza the "Musilumières". The history of the cathedral through the ages, as told by its builders, is presented through 12 slides, by giant images projected on the building. A real coming together of Middle Ages building and modern technology.

Sées cathedrale

Sées Cathedral
Access: exit Sées