Flax and mills

Pagus rotomagensis. "The country of Rouen" … is the name which the Romans gave to this region of hedgerows and fertile land, situated between the Rivers Seine and Risle. With its characteristic landscape and habitat - the traditional wooden structured dwellings found in most of the towns and villages can be admired - The Roumois countryside affirms an unmistakable Norman identity. Even though not each house in the countryside is linked with the weaving industry, as in the 18th and 19th centuries, the evidence of flax is still to be seen everywhere: in June the region takes on the gentle hue of blue of its flowers.

Did you know?

Flax flowers are short-lived, only lasting for a half a day. This, amongst other details, is to be learnt at the Linen Museum at Routot. There, you will discover the history of the oldest textile in the world, its culture, its industrial and artisanal values and understand why this thousand year old fibre, recognised for its ecological qualities and much appreciated by worldwide designers, is today enjoying a full comeback.

roumois region

The Roumois countryside
Access: exit 13 - Brionne