Cleaning the river La Risle

Published on 26 April 2021

A cleaning project on the Risle river was organized by the canoe kayak club brionne with the support of ALiS.

The objectives of the clean-up were as follows:

management of ice jams, cleaning on the surface and on the banks, partial deforestation, maintenance work.

Sensitization of the young people of the club to the environment, knowledge of their heritage through physical and sporting activity.

Our rivers need cleaning actions to preserve their biodiversity for the proper functioning of ecosystems. Managing ice jams is important for the free flow of water and the risk of flooding.

Development of a canoe portage site in partnership with ALiS.

Installation of two educational panels: The viaduct of “La Risle” river and the sensitive natural area of the Moulin d'Aclou

Description of actions:

Maintenance of access to water:

- brush cutting.

- manual garbage collection.

- removal of ice jams (often behind structures not accessible to machinery) which threaten property and people, the risk of erosion and flooding.

It is necessary to continue collecting waste by canoe (a non-polluting means of transport) because pedestrian access is restricted.


On the canoe trips, we again picked up 15 bags of 130 liters of waste of all kinds (bottles, cans, bags, deodorants, etc.) without counting bulky items (tires, street furniture, etc.).

Cleaning the river La Risle

Published on 26 April 2021