A haven of tranquillity

Nestled in a typically Norman tiny valley, in the bend of a simple country road, just outside a small village full of charm, the Bec-Hellouin Abbey, like an apparition, attracts the surprised attention of passers-by. Majestic and serene, the Abbey, founded in 1034 by the Chevalier Herluin, became an important place for western Christian thought, on which it had a great influence. Twined for more than 1000 years with the Abbey at Canterbury, it is today inhabited by Benedictine Monks who perpetuate the monastic way of life. It is however possible to visit and even stay overnight in the Abbey.

Did you know?

The village of Bec-Hellouin is classed among the "Prettiest Villages of France". If visitors come from afar to visit the Abbey, it is due to the village that they stay until the evening: rows of coloured half timbered houses, balconies decorated with flowers, antique stalls, walks along the former railway line that has become a nature trail...

bec hellouin abbey

The Bec-Hellouin Abbey
Access : exit 13 - Brionne