Champ de Bataille Palace

Splendours of the 17th century

In 1651, Alexandre de Créqui, rebel and friend of the Prince of Condé, exiled by Mazarin, decided to have a magnificent palace built to remind him of the splendours of Court. On both sides of a vast main courtyard, stand two elegant twin buildings in brick and in stone in which the ceremonial rooms, superbly furnished, hold rich collections of works of art. The superb parkland covers over 100 hectares of groves, French style flower beds, interwoven box hedging, ornamental pools, terraces, stepped grass banks, lakes, fountains and views.

Did you know?

The château of Champ de Bataille was built, so it is said, where, in 935, the armies of Robert of Denmark and of the Count of Cotentin Guillaume Longue Epée clashed. The victory of Guillaume gave Normandy its independence.

champ de bataille palace

Champ de Bataille Palace
Access : exit 13 - Brionne