The town of Bernay is committed to a policy of revitalising its territory. This involves, in particular, joining the "Small Towns of Tomorrow" programme, but also conducting a real reflection on the attractiveness of the town and its quality of life on a daily basis for its inhabitants. Education, access to culture, and support for young people and their families are all priorities that the municipal team has set itself.

In this complicated health and economic context, the City has nevertheless decided to develop major structuring projects for culture and youth. As far as education is concerned, the City wishes to offer all its schools a programme to modernise their IT tools. Indeed, the first confinement highlighted the great disparities that could exist between families in terms of access to digital technology and its ability to be used for educational purposes. Distance learning has also suffered greatly in our commune due to these inequalities.

Consequently, the community proposes to equip its five public elementary schools, one of which is located in a "Politique de la Ville" district, with high-performance digital equipment enabling teachers to conduct interactive teaching sessions, but also to accompany children in the use of IT tools.

ALiS is proud to contribute to the financing of this project. In addition, ALiS contributes materially to the project by donating its office computer equipment when it is renewed every 3 to 4 years. The number of computers involved is approximately 30 laptops (press release).