Intercommunal Center for Social Actions of Brionne

The Intecommunal Center for Social Actions of "Bernay Terres de Normandie" has set up an integration project to welcome people with social or professional difficulties with the aim of returning to work.

The themes of the integration site are the valorisation of green spaces.

In 2021, ALIS has called on the Intecommunal Center for Social Actions to clear the piers of the Risle and Bec viaducts. The cleaning of the piers of the two viaducts will enable topographic surveys to be carried out to monitor the evolution of the structure. The integration site carried out the felling and clearing of all the piers (press release).

In 2019, ALiS has entrusted the Center for Social Action with various integration projects, such as the cleaning of wasteland and undergrowth, and the crushing of branches on several sites.