New toll tariffs as of 1st February and motorway improvement projects for 2008


Alis carried out its yearly update of motorway toll tariffs on 1st February 2008.

In compliance with the concession agreement validated by the State in 2001, the average tariff of the five classes of vehicles will increase by 5.5% as of this date.

This increase in toll tariffs - which is calculated on the basis of the rate of inflation - contributes not only to the financing of the A28 motorway awarded under concession to Alis, but equally to the continuous development of services proposed to motorway users.

Within this context, the following improvements have been scheduled for 2008:

• the extension of the Roumois toll plaza (at the junction with the A13), in order to improve the everyday flow of vehicles through the barriers,

• the continuation of studies for the construction of a new limited access junction in the proximity of the Roumois toll plaza, giving direct access to and from the A28 and the ex -RN 175,

• the extension of the HGV parking area at the Les Haras service area (situated between Orbec and Gacé).

At the same time, Alis continues the marketing of Liber-t hands free toll tag subscriptions, without any administrative costs, providing discounts to frequent users of the motorway with reduction of up to 35% in the toll tariffs.

Alis would also like to remind HGV drivers that overnight supervision at the Les Haras and Domaine d'Harcourt service areas is carried out by security staff and guard dogs, in order to provide a safe place for drivers, vehicles and goods to stop overnight.