Collection of tolls on the Argentan South-Sées section of the A88 motorway: Alis, a subcontractor for Alicorne, the new state appointed motorway concession holder.

September 2008

The construction of the A88 motorway has reached a new significant stage by the official start of the concession contract between the State and the concession holding company Alicorne (motorway linking the Calvados and Orne departments).

With a concession length of 55 years, this new concession covers the design, construction, finance, maintenance and operation of the motorway, that via Falaise and Argentan, will connect Caen to the A28 motorway at Sées, by the end of 2010.

As part of this process, the start of the collection of tolls for the Sées - Argentan South section became effective as of 26th August 2008 at midday.

As part of this first phase, the toll will only be collected at the full lane toll plaza of Sées, located on the A28 motorway.

It is therefore ALIS, concession holder of the Rouen - Alençon section of the A28 motorway, that will be responsible for the collection of tolls, on behalf of Alicorne, as their subcontractor, to whom the toll is due.

The toll tariffs applied are as follows:

Class1 2.90

Class 2 4.70

Class 3 7.00

Class 4 9.10

Class 5 1.80

On the opening of the whole of the A88 motorway, at the end of 2010, the toll collection infrastructure will be completed by a second full lane toll plaza located at the Nécy interchange.