"Take a break and you'll learn more on Road Safety": an event much appreciated by motorway users en route to their holiday destinations.

September 2008

On 5th July and 2nd and 16th August last, many A28 Rouen-Alençon motorway took up the invitation of Alis to take a break... More than 500 people took advantage of a relaxing and educative halt at the Harcourt service area, where facilities where provided free of charge by the concession holder and their partners (Groupama, Vernon Automobile Club, Eure Department Prefecture, National Road Safety and the Gendarmerie Nationale). This event was organised as part of a communication campaign initiated by National Road Safety and the ASFA (Association of French Motorway Concession Companies) who want motorway users to be aware of the dangers of falling asleep at the wheel.

Even if participants most appreciated the comfort of the sun beds, parasols and massaging chairs, they were also able to find out more on road safety due to many free activities and presentations.

The game of the "car with 13 defects", for example, allowed participants to revise basic safety rules to drive in the best of conditions. With particularly impressive simulations, the star attractions were - the "roll-over car" and the "crash car"; the "drunk glasses" also allowing motorists to experience the real dangers of risky behaviour.