Total success for the "Objectif Air Pur" animation

novembre 2008

Alis, being fully aware of its responsibilities in terms of road safety and sustainable development, recently conducted a unique operation, dubbed "Objectif Air Pur: Clean driving in Normandy", aimed at increasing drivers' awareness of environmental challenges in their region and encouraging them to adopt an environmentally-friendly behaviour.

From 2nd July to 18th October this year, a mobile workshop was made available on supermarket car parks and public squares in the communities close to the A28 Rouen-Alençon motorway to those people who wished to submit their vehicles to an ecologic diagnosis. This technical inspection, based on the control of CO2 emissions, lights and tyre pressure, also included a display introducing the environmental importance of a responsible driving behaviour. Alis's partners in charge of the operation were of course available to answer questions from the public on the subject. In addition, some companies and local government authorities were able to take this opportunity to have their fleet of vehicles tested. For example, the Orne Departmental Council entrusted the whole of its vehicle pool, company cars and buses, to the "Objectif Air Pur" teams.

In total, 747 vehicles were inspected in this manner over 4 months. Although most of those met pollution standards, tyre pressure often proved insufficient. Yet tyres that are under-inflated by 20% are known to cause a 3% increase in petrol consumption and in harmful discharges when driving at 90km/hour. They also lead to a markedly increased chance of accidents. It is therefore important to control tyre pressure regularly. A monthly check is recommended.

Faced with the evident interest aroused by this initiative, Alis has taken the decision to repeat the "Objectif Air Pur" operation in the coming months. The terms of the next campaign will be made available on this site in due time.