Apple tree grafting alongside the Gacé intersection


Twenty-five children from the Jean Moulin secondary school in Gacé will certainly not forget their botany lesson that took place on 28th April 2009. Accompanied by their Science teacher, they actively took part in a grafting operation organised by Alis. On this occasion about ten fruit trees, among the thirty which were planted inside the motorway limit, during construction, received a grafting of either rare Normandy species or of those species which are in the process of disappearing in France.

This event, undertaken in collaboration with the "Porte des Pays d'Auge" Orchards Association and the Vimoutiers Cider Cooperative, who supplied the grafts, took place in the presence of François Dreux, Mayor of Gacé, Gérard Rosé, Headmaster of the school and Thierry Parizot Managing Director of Alis.

Over the years to come, all the rootstock plants will be gradually grafted and similar processes will take place on the landscaped areas around the motorway intersections of Sées and Bourg-Achard. An integral part of the "biodiversity" section of the Sustainable Development policy implemented by Alis, these operations are proof of the interest shown by the company concerning preservation and the emphasis put on the natural environment of the A28 Rouen - Alençon.