Chaumont Operations Centre's third open day event - A great success


The third Open Day, organised on the 5th and 6th June at the Chaumont Operations Centre, within the framework of the national event initiated by the French Motorway Association (ASFA), met with a great success. In fact, 220 people - including some twenty students from Gacé College and thirty local representatives - responded to the invitation sent by Alis and Routalis for an "exclusive insight into the workings of the motorway".

As in previous years, the visitors were able to enjoy the welcome of the members of staff of the organising companies who presented an explanatory video film, showing how they are constantly working to ensure the comfort and safety of the drivers, as well as the protection of the environment.

The functioning of the Central Post of Operations, the Routalis material and equipment, the Gendarme units along the motorway, first aid and breakdown services, the toll equipment, water reservoirs and treatment areas along the motorway network, the main role of the patrol staff - a supporting demonstration of placing cones and of collecting discarded items - are all part of the many aspect of motorway life which the visitors were able to discover.

It was the demonstrations of the cutting out victims from a vehicle involved in a simulated accident the provided the most memorable moments of the Open Day 2009. Organised with the participation of the Gacé firemen, the Sées Gendarmerie unit and the Lecomte de Nonant-le-Pin garage, these activities, which perfectly simulated the authentic unfolding of events during an assistance operation, allowed the spectators to witness the competence and professionalism of the teams called upon for aid in the case of an accident.

Alis and Routalis would like to thank all the participants and the visitors who contributed to the success of these two days - going under the heading of meeting and discussion.