In a party mood!


On Saturday 11th and 25th July and on 1st and 15th August close to 2000 people took part in a variety of no cost events put in place by Alis at the Domaine d'Harcourt service station. For the occasion, the location became exotic and festive with its palm trees and sun loungers, different types of games and inflatables, set up for the relaxation and pleasure of motorists travelling on the A28 Rouen - Alençon

Even if the youngsters thought the bouncy castle with balls rather common place, the adults did not hide their pleasure in participating, in great numbers, in the rodeo and elastic shooting. Certain travellers took a break of over one hour, which gave a pre-taste to those heading on holiday or a little extra to the less lucky ones already heading back. Everybody seemed to really appreciate "taking a break with Alis", contributing in this way to the success of the fun break which is part of the campaign waged by the ASFA (Association des Sociétés Françaises d'Autoroutes) with the aim of making the public aware of the dangers of falling asleep at the wheel, which, it must be repeated, is currently the main cause of death on the motorways.