"My Daddy is working for your safety, please look after him!"


This is the message given by a young girl, star of a poster campaign that was initiated at the start of December and displayed at the toll barriers and plazas, tagetting the motorists and HGV drivers using the A28 Rouen - Alençon motorway. Alis, who has initiated this poster campaign, wants the users of the motorway to be made aware of the care and attention that is due to the staff working on the Motorway itself and who contribute to their safety and comfort.

Motorway concession company staff work in close proximity to the motorway traffic and are therefore at the mercy of the behaviour of motorway users. For this reason, it is indispensable that each and every motorist adapt their way of driving and apply elementary safety rules when approaching a zone where they are present. The rules to follow are to firstly slow down and limit your speed when approaching areas where motorway personnel is working (toll barriers, road works, broken down vehicles or accidents). Drivers must also keep a safe distance from motorway personnel and not swerve nor make sudden lane changes when approaching them.

In this way, accidents will be avoided that all too often actually happen to personnel working on the motorway and in that way the little girl will always be smiling in the arms of her Daddy.