The Diversity Label awarded to Routalis


On the 20th April 2010 Routalis, the company in charge of operating the A28 motorway conceded to Alis, officially received the Diversity Label from Eric Besson (Minister for Immigration, Integration, National Identity and Social Development) and Yazid Sabeg, Diversity and Equal Opportunities Commissioner.

This award, which was introduced on the 11th September 2008 by the National Association of Human Resources Directors, recognises the good practice of companies in all areas of Diversity: age, handicap, origins, sexual orientation, sex equality, political opinion, etc. Attributed by the AFNOR Certification, it concerns all companies in the private and public sector.

In order to be recognised, Routalis implemented an action plan in reply to a strict list of specifications:

  • Implementation of a Diversity audit, in liaison with representatives from the personnel and the unions;
  • Definition of a Diversity policy in association with the social partners and the designation of a Diversity correspondent;
  • Implementation of an action plan of internal communication promoting Diversity, to make aware the personnel of the dangers of stereotypes and prejudice and to train the people implicated in the Diversity;
  • Taking into account the Diversity in the different areas of activity within the company, notably in the area of recruitment, carrier management and training;
  • Implementation of tools for the evaluation of Diversity and the drafting of an annual report concerning the carrying out of this policy.

The winning of this Diversity award highlights several challenges that the company faces:

  • Carrying the image of a socially innovative concern: internally, this event consolidates the employees, improves performances by successful integration of new employees and allows the development of company culture. Externally, the Diversity award increases appeal and notoriety of the company regarding candidates.
  • Affirming territorial presence: by showing the will to adapt to our surroundings and by weaving a network of social partners.
  • Easing and accompanying social dialogue in the company: managing human resources by competence and motivation and by having a devoted staff.
  • Listening to the steps to sustainable development: by fully integrating this social concern.
  • Progression in human resources: by constantly implicating principles of improvement.