For your safety and pleasure take a break!


For your safety and pleasure take a break!

Back ache, strained muscles, torpor and sleepiness are some of the problems and possible dangers when driving that can have dire consequences. Falling asleep at the wheel is the number one cause of lethal accidents on motorways. To avoid this, there is only one solution: take regular and beneficial breaks that will also be a very welcome distraction for children who often find car journeys too long.

On the following Saturdays; 10th & 31st July and 7th & 14th August next, Alis invites motorists and their passengers to take advantage of the "Take a Break" Village (located at the Domaine d'Harcourt service area, exit 13 "Brionne") for a well deserved rest and replenishment en route to their holiday destination. As with previous years, there will be many free activities organised to entertain and relax the young and the old: magic tricks, bouncy castles, a giant toboggan, a ball pool, human gyroscope, trampoline, kids' shooting stall, giant wood games, among others. There will also be comfortable sun loungers to relax on and, new for 2010, there will be a team of qualified physiotherapists on hand to give motorists invigorating massages and advice on how to improve your driving position and how to limit muscle ache when driving; a service that will, without doubt, be very useful before resuming the journey, relaxed and serene. : an instructive and recreational site

During this summer period when many people are on holiday, prudence more than ever is essential when taking to the road. To discover or to remind you of the essential criteria in terms of road safety, has designed an instructive and recreational site aimed at motorists (both cars and bikes). Apart from the ten golden rules of driving on motorways, you will discover a lot of practical advice for the preparation of your journey and how to use the motorway network in the best of conditions. In addition, an interactive game will allow you to test and improve your knowledge on the prevention of accidents. Think about this fact: already five times safer than main and secondary roads, motorways can be made even safer... due to you.