1st February 2013: new toll tariffs and a new Liber-t subscription offer.


On 1st February 2013, all French motorway concession companies will introduce new toll tariffs. As of this date, and in accordance with the conditions of the concession agreement made with the State, the toll tariffs of the Alis network will increase, on average, by 4.26 % for Light Vehicles (classes 1, 2 & 5) and by 4.18 % for Heavy Goods Vehicles (classes 3 & 4). This increase is an integral part of the financing plan of the A28 Rouen / Alençon Motorway, and is linked to the rate of inflation.

Always concerned with improving the services provided, Alis proposes a new subscription offer: Liber-t Senior.Aimed at motorists aged over 60 years old, this offer allows them to make savings 30% on all journeys made on the Alis network between Rouen and Alençon. Alis would also like to remind motorists that there are many other subscription offers available aimed at the general public (Liber-t Comfort, Liber-t Frequent, Liber-t apprentice Drivers, Liber-t Student) and at professionals (Liber-t Pro).

The details of the new toll tariffs as well as the Liber-t subscription offers can be found on this web site, at the toll plazas and barriers and from the Alis Customer Services by calling (33) (2) 32 20 21 70.